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Elisa James is an award-winning international performer with more than 30 years’ experience worldwide as an entertainer, speaker and singer. Elisa was a full-time performer for thirty years, combining teaching with performing for the past twenty. Elisa has taught workshops, seminars and private voice sessions in Australia, Europe, and the USA using her signature course entitled HAPSS – the Holistic Approach to Public Speaking and Singing. In this video created specifically for Vision Australia, Elisa delivers a complete overview that will help you to identify how you speak and what changes you can make to help you create impact, engage your audience and be more confident. Elisa’s program will take you through step by step in identifying any areas for improvement, and what you can do to address the gaps you may find.

What you can do next

  1. Elisa offers a complimentary voice consultation session to clients who are looking to work on their voice and delivery. You can sign up to her 20 minute session via her website, HAPSS Voicepro.
  2. In this video, Elisa encourages you to think about three people who you admire and who inspire you. You may want to find some videos or audio of the people on your list. Listen back to hear about their speaking technique. What do they say? How do they say it? How does their voice make you feel? What are some things you can do to learn from their style?