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Amir became blind as a result of negligent health practice in his home country of Iran. Since coming to Australia, Amir commenced a degree in psychology, participated nationally in Goal Ball competitions, is the captain of Australian Blind Soccer team and looked for work for over a year and a half before realising success. Amir has faced and overcome many barriers, showing resilience and courage along the way. In this interview, we speak to Amir about these experiences and the advice he has for others who may be facing challenges.

What you can do next

  1. In another Cornerstone feature, Jane Britt speaks about the moments that inspired her and some of the wisdom she has accumulated and which she hopes to share with others who may be facing challenges. Jane speaks about the importance of failure, resilience and learning through the opportunities that may not go as you plan. What are some ways in which failures in your own life shaped you? Share this insight with a friend or family member whom you trust and listen to their reflections on what you have said.
  2. Mississippi State University has a page that highlights further inspiring stories that celebrate the stories of people who are blind or have low vision which may inspire and encourage you.
  3. Amir is a part of the Disability Employment Scheme where he is able to get support in finding work that is suitable to his personal goals. Vision Australia have an Employment Services group that can help you to see if this is the right fit for you. Request a call back from employment services