Eye chart

Healthcare Professionals - refer when

1. Diagnosis of a permanent, non-correctible or progressive eye
2. Visual Acuity of ≤ 6/24 (BEO) &/or Visual Field of ≤ 30 degrees (BEO)
3. Vision loss is putting a patient at RISK

Two older people looking confused, the man is reading an instruction booklet and the woman using an ipad.

Connect Up – Seniors Pilot Program

You could be eligible for a Vision Australia trial program of innovative technology aimed at older Australians with limited experience of being connected up.

Cassie stands, smiling.

Support school kids like Cassie

From public speaking to swimming, chess club to drama and netball, your support is helping Cassie embrace every opportunity at school, and beyond. Cassie can be confident because of people like you.

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