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Just as companies have a brand, so do individuals. What’s yours? A brand is a way that people see you. This may be a difference between why someone chooses you for a job over someone else. Michelle Gibbings is an expert at helping organisations, teams, and individuals to build their capabilities in core competencies including decision making, change leadership, negotiation, and influence. She is the author of ‘Step Up – How to Build Your Influence at Work’ and ‘Career Leap: How to Reinvent and Liberate your Career’. In this video, Michelle Gibbings talks about branding and why you should care about the way you are seen.

What you can do next?

  1. Michelle talks about writing down how you see yourself and then asking others whom you trust, how they see you. The next step is to understand the gaps and how you can fill these gaps to brand yourself in a way that you want to be seen.
  2. Michelle releases videos and valuable information relating to building yourself and your career. To receive these resources, you can subscribe to her website, michellegibbings.com
  3. Coaching and Mentoring is a great way to develop your brand and receive help in doing so.
  4. Our Employment Services team can assist you with all things employment and personal development to help you achieve your career goals. Request a call back from employment services