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If you have low vision or are blind, Vision Australia can partner with you through all stages of your life and career to plan for the future.

Discover new ways of accessing information and open up a world of employment with training on the latest technologies and devices. Learn how to use computer screen magnifiers, screen readers, and braille technology. Ensure you have the most effective CV and increase your confidence with mock interviews. 

Gain tips on getting out and about safely and independently, whether it’s taking public transport, going to work or just walking from A to B. Vision Australia can teach you how to use a white cane or match you with a Seeing Eye Dog.  

You might like to try new recreational activities and connect to others with similar interests or experiences. Uncover the many entertainment possibilities, such as live theatre and art exhibitions. 

There’s no goal or aspiration too big or too small; we’re here to support you. Everyday tasks or bucket list items can both be achieved with new strategies, equipment and creative solutions.

Have a chat to us today and find out more. Call us on 1300 84 74 66 or pop in to your local Vision Australia office.

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