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Adjusting to and living with a vision condition can be challenging. Looking after your emotional and mental wellbeing is important, and you never have to do it alone. Connect with others who share similar experiences in our emotional wellbeing programs.

Vision Australia client Cheryl is smiling as she sits on a bench in her front garden with her dog guide.

Check in and Chat

Wellbeing and emotional support

There is no right or wrong way to process a new diagnosis of vision loss. Developed by experts and run by trained Wellbeing Officers, the new Check in and Chat program is designed to support you in your emotional wellbeing while adjusting to vision loss.

Check in and Chat is a telehealth program designed to help build optimism and boost self-esteem while adjusting to the daily impact of vision loss.

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Quality living groups

Living well with vision loss

Connecting with people who have similar lived experiences is a good first step in regaining your confidence. Led by experienced coordinators, Quality living offers a private and supportive space to talk about vision loss, giving practical advice on how to adjust, such as:

  • Adjusting things at home
  • Building confidence to move around your neighbourhood
  • Advice on maintaining friendships
  • Understanding easy-to-use technology that can help you do the things you love.

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One on one peer support

Peer support

A personal connection with someone who can relate to what you’re experiencing can help you feel understood and guide you on your journey with vision loss.

The Peer Support Program provides one-on-one telephone support with a trained volunteer who is matched with similar characteristics. They may share similar:

  • Eye condition or level of vision loss
  • Age or family situation
  • Common interests or hobbies
  • Study experience or starting a new job

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“The Quality Living Group helped me to start to come to terms with my vision loss.” 

— Marilyn, Vision Australia client

How Marilyn moved forward

Real stories

“It was a shock to wake up with no vision. I was in hospital for about two months while I had tests to find out what happened,” Marilyn explained. “Now, I can see shadows and a little bit of movement.”

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, Marilyn contacted Vision Australia and joined an eight week Quality Living Group program, which provides peer support to people dealing with vision loss.

“The Quality Living Group helped me to start to come to terms with my vision loss,” said Marilyn.

Read Marilyn’s story

Frequently asked questions

Our clients have told us they have gained many benefits from the support they receive via our emotional wellbeing programs including confidence to take on new challenges, adjusting to vision loss and learning new ways to complete everyday tasks and develop a social support network.

You can choose to join a group program or choose individual telehealth sessions. Each program requires a commitment of a few hours. Call us on 1300 84 74 66 to find out more about our emotional support programs.

Services from Vision Australia do incur a fee. There are several ways you can fund the support, service, and products you need including My Aged Care – HCP and CHSP funding. We can support you with your funding applications. Some programs can also be funded privately. Please call us on 1300 84 74 66 to discuss your funding options.

Crisis support

If you have found any of this information challenging you can seek support through organisations such as Beyond Blue. For immediate support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.