Let’s talk about vision loss

Brittnee: business owner and optimist

Brittee is smiling and sitting beside her black Labrador dog, on a balcony with urban views


“I didn’t feel like I opened my eyes. I kept turning the light switch on and off wondering what was going on.”

Just as Brittnee’s hairdressing career was rising, she lost her vision. Listen to her story of living with blindness.



What’s next?

If you or a loved are experiencing vision loss and would like to know about the range of options on offer to you, please call 1300 84 74 66 or visit visionaustralia.org.

Listen to the experiences of others living with blindness or severe vision loss.

In their own time, they connected with a range of supports allowing them to continue doing the things they have always done like reading, traveling, working and much more.


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