Let’s talk about vision loss

Meet Brenda: pianist and volunteer

Brenda smiles to camera with garden, trees in the background

“The ophthalmologist looked at my eyes and shook his head and said ‘you’re in very grave trouble’.” At the age of 91-years-old, Brenda is a disability advocate, volunteer and established a much-loved local lawn bowls group. These achievements came after she lost her vision. Brenda shares her experience of life after vision loss.

What’s next?

If you or a loved are experiencing vision loss and would like to know about the range of options on offer to you, please call 1300 84 74 66 or visit visionaustralia.org.

Listen to the experiences of others living with blindness or severe vision loss. In their own time, they connected with a range of supports allowing them to continue doing the things they have always done like reading, traveling, working and much more.

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