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Linda Spencer is a Harvard Career Advisor and has some great tips on how to ensure that are ready for an Interview, no matter what form that takes. In this video, Linda speaks about some of the things you can think about before you meet with your prospective employer in an interview. These insights will help you to go into an interview feeling confident and prepared, ready to present yourself in the most positive way possible.

What you can do next

  1. Linda speaks about three areas of research that you should invest in before you enter into an interview with your prospective employer. These are Research Yourself, Research the Position and Research the Industry. She talks about using a Show and Tell method. This is a method where you bring theory to life by linking the facts with proof.

           As an example, you may feel that you have a great attitude and the position is seeking someone who is proactive based on the position description. Take this and speak about how you have demonstrated your skills and the outcomes that this has produced. In our example, you may say "During my final year of school, I researched three organisations and approached them for work experience by offering them an outcome that would benefit them. One of these organisations ended by hiring me on a casual basis because they were able to use me to do the tasks that nobody else seemed to have time for. I felt that I was able to see the opportunity and leverage from that not only for myself, but also for the organisation I was working for".

        While you are preparing for work, have a look at what the position is seeking, how you fit into this and how the organisation could benefit from someone like you. Develop a show and tell statement about yourself that you can draw upon when required.
  2. A common way to develop confidence before an interview is to ask someone to mock interview you for practice. You can do this two ways, by thinking about some common questions and answering them out loud in privacy or you can ask a family or friend to help you with this.