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Where to start

You’ve decided to look for a job. Fantastic! This recording gives you great tips from Randstad, a global leader in recruitment. We talk about how to stand out from the crowd, what employers or recruitment agencies expect from you and how you can convey your skills and experiences to create impact.

What you can do next

  1. Our employment services team can assist you with a range of issues relating to employment and personal development to help you achieve your career goals. They can help you navigate through applying for work and with your resume and interview skills. Request a call back from employment services.
  2. When applying for work, people are often drawn to the role, to the organisation and to the salary and conditions. It’s important to research the organisation to which you are applying before you finalise your resume. Ask yourself why you want to work for them. What aspects of the role appeal to you? Why do you think you are a good fit? This will help you to complete your resume in a way that is compelling.
  3. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn can get you noticed and connect you with a network of professionals, job opportunities, articles and blogs. You may be able to see who is currently working for the organisation who you are applying with, and connect with them in advance for information or for a reference. Our employment services team can assist you with setting up a LinkedIn profile. Request a call back from employment services.