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To support families to navigate the important transition to formal schooling we’re inviting you to follow Paisley’s Big School Adventure.

Paisley’s Big School Adventure

For the next twelve months we will follow one of our clients, Paisley on her journey throughout her first year of formal schooling. The blog will be written by Paisley’s mum, Kimberley who will take us through the highs, and sometimes the challenges, Paisley and they share. We will also chip in with helpful advice for parents along the way.

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on 22 Mar, 2018
Dans le Noir has been open since January 2018 and is not your every day restaurant. Diners are treated to a mystery three or five course dinner served in complete darkness.
on 22 Mar, 2018
It was the end of January, the sun was out, the weather was perfect and it was the summer after I had finished high school and 13 years of school. The world was mine, ultimate freedom. However, instead of being out with friends and doing typical summer things I was instead going to be learning lifelong employment skills as I had enrolled into Vision Australia's three week pre-employment program (Building Stronger Futures).
on 03 Oct, 2017
Here I was thinking that Paisley’s first year in her big school adventure was going to be a long, dragged out process, but it's been the opposite. In fact if you’d blinked, you would have missed it.
on 24 Aug, 2017
We are well and truly past the halfway point of the first year of Paisley’s big school adventure and it's safe to say that a lot has happened!
on 06 Jul, 2017
My husband is a strong believer in self-advocacy and has always taught Paisley that if something is wrong or irritating her eyes she needs to speak up.
on 27 May, 2017
Paisley has made friends and learnt how to spell and read. So, it's safe to say that she has adjusted well into her new ‘big girl’ lifestyle. Then, the ever-looming penny dropped.
on 28 Apr, 2017
We are officially into our second term of Paisley’s Big School Adventure, and it's safe to say that it has been a learning experience for me, as a Mother and Paisley, as a wee Preppie.
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on 16 Mar, 2017
Find out how Paisley has been settling in at school during Term 1.
on 22 Feb, 2017
We are one month into our new school lifestyle and there has been relatively no hiccups.
on 25 Jan, 2017
Under the scorching summer sun, in the middle of the playground, I finally experienced "tears of joy". Watching my little girl playing freely without a care in the world and smiling from ear to ear assured me she is ready for school.
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