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30 Nov 2021
The Vision Australia Library is proud to announce a number of new books by writers who are blind or have low vision have recently been added to the library collection. There are also new titles written by prominent disabled writers such as Adam Hills and Kurt Fearnley.
29 Nov 2021
Artist Mary Esler's artwork adorns the popular Vision Austrlaia 2022 Diary. Read what inspired her and how she manages to use her remaining vision to keep painting.
25 Nov 2021
This week on Vision Australia Radio’s Studio 1, host Matthew Layton speaks with New York based musician, writer and activist Lachi.
25 Nov 2021
Victoria Walks is asking people from all walks of life but especially people who use mobility aids like white canes and Seeing Eye Dogs to take part in a survey to voice their concerns or frustrations on their neighbourhood’s waking infrastructure.
25 Nov 2021
It’s a common complaint for blind or low vision apple users – VoiceOver just stops working randomly.
24 Nov 2021
Thanks to the support of Vision Australia’s Employment Services, Campbelltown’s Martin Virgara has realised his dream of opening his own counselling service.
18 Nov 2021
11 years, 600 episodes and three hosts. Talking Vision has been a committed voice for the blind and low vision community, churning out news and current affairs on a weekly basis.
18 Nov 2021
From stocking fillers to extravagant but useful products for those with low vision or who are blind, there’s something for everyone.
18 Nov 2021
A crisis is difficult for any person to experience and whether it’s a pandemic or a natural disaster, everyone’s needs must be considered. Like everybody else, people living with a disability need to be equipped with the appropriate resources to respond to an emergency. About one in five people live with a disability, and the blind and low vision community is estimated to reach more than 500,000 by 2030. Despite representing a major part of the Australian population, they are continuously neglected in times of crisis. 
17 Nov 2021
With titles covering a wide range of topics including science, journalism, food, fashion, current affairs, art, celebrity and gossip, there’s sure to be something for everyone.