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06 May 2021
Vision Australia Radio is set to explore some of life’s more awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable topics in its new audio series, Nothing’s Off Limits.
06 May 2021
Did you know there was an all-women-run mechanics in 1920s Melbourne? Or that a university lecturer in Tehran secretly met with her students to discuss forbidden Western classics?
03 May 2021
For Brittnee Watson, going blind after developing diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration meant saying goodbye to her hairdressing career.
03 May 2021
Paul went completely blind six years ago due to retina detachment and glaucoma. 

He wondered if he could continue his career as an engineer and his hobby of restoring hot rods. 
30 Apr 2021
A group of Vision Australia clients are better equipped to navigate inner-city Brisbane, after the most recent Vision Australia Travel Day.
29 Apr 2021
The end of the financial year is only a month away, and Vision Australia Digital Access is encouraging organisations to make the most their training budgets and ensure their staff are trained in digital accessibility.
28 Apr 2021
For Hannen Abdallah, Ramadan is a special time spent with family and eating great food. “Ramadan is something I can celebrate despite having a vision condition,” the 39-year-old said.
23 Apr 2021
They’re cheap, easily downloaded, and hugely useful. Apps have made a world of difference for people who are blind or have low vision.
19 Apr 2021
Vision Australia joined forces with LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre recently to introduce kids who are blind or have low vision to LEGO® Braille Bricks for the very first time.
08 Apr 2021
Could you help young people who are blind or have low vision prepare for future employment? Vision Australia is currently on the hunt for volunteer mentors for its 2021 Careers Sampler on May 8 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.