Feelix Children’s Library

At the Vision Australia Feelix Library, children from a young age can enjoy stories with their parents and siblings, and learn about braille.

About Feelix

Reading plays a key role in the learning and development of any child, and Feelix helps children learn and develop in a unique, sensory way to support literacy. 

Children 0-7 years old who are blind or have low vision can become a member of the Feelix Library.

Our story kits

A case containing a picture story book, tactile story book, CD and tactile toy

Our story kits help parents, carers and teachers bring stories to life for children through books, audio and touch. Story kits include:

  • A child’s picture book with clear braille overlay so they can learn to read
  • A CD so they can also listen along to the story as they read
  • A handmade tactile toy or object that the child can touch to help them further understand the story.
  • A tactile book which tells the story through touch.

Popular books

We have over 790 innovative story kits to choose from including much-loved children’s books such as ‘The Cat in the Hat’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Gruffalo’. Story kits are available for all reading levels: 

  • Books to begin with
  • Books with a short simple story 
  • Books with a developing story line and rhyme
  • Books with a long story and interesting ideas.

Download the full booklist (Word, 1.3MB)

Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabic story kits

Story kits are also available in languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabic. These kits allow parents to read to their children in their native language. The audio recording is in the native language but the braille is in English. The tactile materials and handbook stay the same.

Join the Feelix library

Membership of Feelix is free and available to children 0 to 7 years old who are blind or have low vision in Australia. Childcare centres, preschools and teachers of our members can also become borrowers. To express an interest please email feelix@visionaustralia.org  or call 1300 847 466. 

Meet some Feelix members

Aston Agostinho, 3 years old

Although he is only nearing his fourth birthday, Aston Agostinho, has already developed a great love of books and creative story-telling. This is despite having low vision, caused by Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy – a genetic eye condition that affects the growth and development of the blood vessels in the retina. Read Aston’s full story.

Eleanor Hall, 2.5 years old

When Eleanor Hall from West Wollongong was just five months old, she was diagnosed with a global developmental delay, but it wasn’t until she was eight months that doctors picked up a problem with her sight. “I remember, my husband, Robert and I were left feeling numb when we found out about Eleanor’s vision impairment. It was really overwhelming,” said mum, Blaise Scaife-Hall.  Read Eleanor’s full story.

Child is reading a tactile and braille embossed book with mother's assistance

Contact the library

For more information on Vision Australia’s Library service call 1800 005 965 or contact the Library. You can also connect with our services here.