Remote Learning and Developing

In this period of physical distancing which has resulted in many having to work, live and learn at home, there are many ways in which you can ensure that if you have a child or pupil who is blind or has low vision they are not disadvantaged by remote learning and support. This page contains videos from Melissa Fanshawe, an educator, researcher and parent. You'll also find a comprehensive list of suggested resources and services to help you and the young people in your care navigate remote learning and development.

Useful Videos


Classroom Teachers Video

Specialist Teachers Video

Families Video

Vision Australia Resources


Whether you are new to Vision Australia or an existing client, there’s a new and safe way for us to deliver services to families. Telehealth uses technology to conduct appointments with a Vision Australia service provider. For more information check here or contact your service provider.

Specialist Disability Support in School program (SDSS) (Queensland only)

Vision Australia has adapted to be able to continue to provide services remotely through Queensland’s SDSS program for eligible students. Please liaise with your school to determine if a referral form can be completed (more information and referral form available here).

Accessible Materials

The accessible format team is operating as normal and is happy to assist students and families with any education and learning requirements in braille, e-text, tactual, audio and large print formats.  We are also encouraging all clients to use our Personal Support service which offers free accessible formats for VA Library members. This service can be used for recreational reading and learning material (t & c’s apply for free service, but we will try to be as accommodating as possible). Examples of material that is eligible for the free Personal Support service include appliance instructions and manuals, music, recipe books, medical and legal documents, brochures and pamphlets, diagrams and maps, books, magazines and newspapers.  We also provide accessible formats for commercial items such as bank statements, energy bills, council newsletters, menus and business cards. Student work is one of our specialty services and we do a lot of transcription for universities and schools. Please note that accessible format production for commercial and educational items is fee for service, which can be funded under the NDIS. For more information about our accessible formats, view our alternate format production page.

Learning @ Home Resources

Learning @ home – States Schools


Education Queensland Learning@home

VI specific

South Australia

Dept for Education Our Learning SA


New South Wales

Learning from home Students with disability


Department of Education learning at home

Vision Services


ACT Government Home Learning


Department of Education Learning at Home


FUSE learning from home

VIC DET learning from home advice

SVRC - SVRC have swiftly adapted to the new circumstances and continue to provide services, including (remote) Support Skills and the usual support to families, teachers and support teachers


NT Government Using EdQLD Learning@home

Vision Services

Recent Webinars

World Blind Union webinar on Home schooling, how to help our children in time of Covid-19

DAISY webinar on Helping Higher Ed Students with access to accessible course material during the COVID-19 crisis

Online platform accessibility


Accessibility Frequently asked questions

Zoom accessibility visual impairments

Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Zoom access with keyboard commands

Mosen “Meet me Accessibility – a guide to zoom cloud meetings from a blindness perspective
Zoom on braille note touch

Google classroom

Google classroom on braille note touch
Google for Education Accessibility Features
Google Hangouts Meet Accessibility


Best practices, tips and educational resources
Design accessibility
Accessibility for vision impairment

Apple iPad

iPad Vision
Accessibility shortcuts

Braille note touch

Braille note touch command summary


California School for the Blind “How-To Guides
AFB “The Visually Impaired users technology


Typio Accessible Typing Tutor

JAWS, Fusion or Zoom Text - Free home access 1300 791 777 or visit Freedom Scientific Training.
Mdelio “Blind visual impairment resources for educators and families”

Resources to help teachers prepare
AFB “5 Accessibility actions you can take when moving your class online”

Perkins “Preparing for Virtual Instruction”

RIDBC Professional Learning courses

Texas School for the Blind “CVI web exercise

Described and captioned media program “Remote learning with accessible video”

Blackboard “virtual classroom and district communication resources”

Ensuring accessibility Website design

Ensuring accessibility Print materials

Perkins “Creating accessible charts and graphs

Australian Disability Clearinghouse

Paths to Literacy “56 Tactile Maths Ideas

IVCEVI “Make Mathematics easy for blind children”

Australian Special Education Principals Association 

General (Non-VI-Specific) Guidance around working with parents and teacher aides from Teacher Magazine.

Resources for Families

Parent-Created Schedule for Home-Based School Activities from Maths to Literacy for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Stay-at-Home Activities for Children with Visual Impairments

Chatterpack “Resources, information, and activities for families to support Home Learning”

Amazing Educational Resources – a list of 100s of educational companies offering free subscription due to school closings

Paths to Literacy “Free Access to Objective Ed Digital Curriculum!”

Virtual ExCELL Academy – free lessons and activities online for students with vision impairment, their parents and teachers (launched March 2020 in response to COVID19 situation).

Helen Keller National Centre for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults

Paths to Literacy “56 Tactile Maths Ideas

ICEVI “Make Mathematics easy for blind children”

Back to front maths Free accessible primary maths work program for students working from home

RNIB Messy & Muddy: A guide to outdoor play for children with vision impairment”

Braille Institute “Braille challenge Sample contests”

Paths to Literacy “Tips and Tools teaching beginning braille skills”

Learn braille online “UEB online”

Teaching Visually Impaired “Braille Technology”

Accessible Games

Sonokids website

Ballyland CosmoBally in Space (NEW)
Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky!
Ballyland Magic
VO Lab (Ballyland Magic for adolescents)
Ballyland Rotor
Ballyland Sound Memory

Free Online Books

VA Connect – Audio books
Bookshare for Students
Kindle Unlimited
National Emergency Library
Read Free Literature
Open Library Access 
Project Gutenberg

Free Online Learning

Khan Academy
Open Culture
Open Learn
BBC languages 
Project Aspiro “Career planning

ABC Education
Australian Children’s Television Foundation
National Geographic for Kids.
Time for kids
Chatterpack - Online resources – home learning resources, boredom busters, accessible resources

Braille challenge Sample contests