Teenage boys Aston and Byron have fun excercising

Welcome to Vision Australia Library’s Let’s Move video series

Welcome to Vision Australia Library’s Let’s Move video series.

Let’s get started!

This six-part series is about making fitness easy to understand for people who are blind or have low vision. Every move is audio described and taught by paediatric physios. At the end of the course we hope your child has built healthy habits to continue to enjoy exercise programs throughout life.

The videos form the basis for a library of accessible physical content for young people and to have a greater share in community and school exercise programs.

Special thanks to the State Library of Victoria for providing funding support for this project.

Find below the six videos of the series.

Anatomy and body awareness

Cardio exercise

Spatial concepts and awareness are so important for us to move safely around the world. Learn some fun body facts too while you move!

Importance of physical exercise

ZUU workout

Moving our bodies is imperative for us to stay healthy. Join this ZUU workout for a fun way to move your body. An enjoyable animal-themed workout that will get you jumping, crawling and rolling all around!

Importance of sleep

Yoga and pilates

Let’s discuss sleep. Why we need it, how we can fall asleep easier, and what to do when we can’t sleep. A relaxing yoga and pilates class will have you stretching and breathing as you listen to your body. A 5000-year-old practice that you can do today to help get lots of zzz’s every night.

Importance of food & nutrition


What is our food made up of? What types of food should we choose for healthy bodies? How can we make healthy food choices? Let's talk about these things while we dance. Warning: it might make you hungry!


Strength session

Everyone experiences feelings. Kids have big feelings just like adults. Everyone gets frustrated, excited, nervous, sad, jealous, frightened, worried, angry and embarrassed at times. In this video we’ll learn how to identify feelings and activities we can do if we’re not feeling our best. We will do all this as we do some strength exercises. Strength is important because it improves your ability to do everyday activities.

Making friends

Balance and coordination

Having good friends can make you feel happier! Let’s think about ways we can make friends and be a good friend. Can you do this while you balance? Improved balance makes daily activities easier.