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23 Feb 2021
Western Australians deserve the same access to subsidised transport as the rest of Australia, but Western Australia is currently well behind other states. With an election looming, Vision Australia is asking for equality for those with blind and low vision, who rely heavily on public transport.
23 Feb 2021
Vision Australia recently partnered with the LEGO® Foundation to bring LEGO ® Braille Bricks to Australia. The idea is that the bricks, which have braille on them as well as a raised letter that corresponds to the braille alphabet, can be used for inclusive education
23 Feb 2021
After recently joining Vision Australia, paediatric occupational therapist Samantha can’t wait to start supporting children and young people who are blind or have low vision and their families.
15 Feb 2021
Across Australia, Vision Australia’s audio description team is making attending the theatre, opera or ballet more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.
11 Feb 2021
Rachael is swimming 18kms over 30 days to help raise money for sick kids, and she's not letting her double vision stop her!
05 Feb 2021
Looking for some reading inspiration and don’t know where to start? Check out some of the most popular reads from the Vision Australia Library in 2020!
01 Feb 2021
The importance of braille for connection and communication for people who are blind or have low vision cannot be understated. Vision Australia’s partnership with the LEGO® Foundation can help build braille skills in kids, and offer inclusive learning with their sighted peers.
29 Jan 2021
Bentleigh Cricket Club will host a blind cricket exhibition match on Sunday 14 February against the Victorian blind cricket team. The match will commence at 4:30pm, after the conclusion of the women’s double header at Bentleigh Recreation Reserve on Arthur St, Bentleigh.
29 Jan 2021
Vision Australia’s website is a key part of how we share important information to the blind and low vision community.
That’s why we’re conducting research to help improve our website so it truly meets the needs of people who rely on it.
21 Jan 2021
Victoria’s blind and low vision community are celebrating increased access to public transport after an expansion to the state’s Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP).