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08 Oct 2020
International White Cane Day is set to be bigger than ever in 2020, with big name artists from across the globe coming together for a special concert to mark the day.
02 Oct 2020
Tahnee is stepping out of her comfort zone as she aims to meet 20 strangers a day for 20 days, during her My Vision 20:20 challenge.
02 Oct 2020
Prabath's video series, Power of Heart, is helping to close the gap between sighted and blind communities
01 Oct 2020
The 16th Annual General Meeting of members of Vision Australia Ltd will be held at 3.30pm (AEDT) on Thursday, 29th October 2020. Registration will commence from 3.00pm.
25 Sep 2020
Our LEAP 2020 participants were joined by Chloe Naughton, Melbourne Fashion Festival's chief Fashion Programmer to discuss dressing professionally and stylishly.
25 Sep 2020
Libby is finally in her dream career, but it took years of hard work and dedication to get there.
22 Sep 2020
The Vision Australia Library service is encouraging libraries across Australia to better understand the importance of audio description as part of International Day for Universal Access to Information (September 28).
22 Sep 2020
We all have strengths, skills and attributes that we can bring to employers, but sometimes it is hard to talk about our value and sell ourselves. Below are some simple tips to help you communicate your value to others.
18 Sep 2020
An interest in helping people has led Vicky to work as a paediatric counsellor with Vision Australia.
17 Sep 2020
People from the blind and low vision community are no different from their sighted peers in that they make passionate, committed and efficient employees. Despite this, the unemployment rate of people who are blind or have low vision is significantly higher compared to the general population.