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28 Jun 2021
Every month more than 700,000 people all across Australia tune into Vision Australia Radio. Whether it be to hear what’s making headlines across the globe from the morning newspaper round up or to tuning in to relax and listen to the reading of a classic novel.
24 Jun 2021
This week on Talking Vision host Sam Colley speaks to Maria Markou, the Telelink programs coordinator at Vision Australia who organised the impressive line-up to get a sneak peek at the event.
23 Jun 2021
Returning to tertiary education was always something Elizabeth Waller wanted to do, but now, thanks to Vision Australia Further Education Bursary, she’s able to.
23 Jun 2021
This year 75 artworks were entered – the judges said it was one of the most impressive fields ever. Thanks to everyone who entered.
21 Jun 2021
Robotics and mathematics made sense to Phillip. It was a way to see the world through numbers and science when he himself couldn’t see.
17 Jun 2021
Nathan Johnston wears a lot of hats: ironman, triathlete, motivational speaker. He is also legally blind.
15 Jun 2021
There’s a cold blast whipping across most of the country, the perfect time to snuggle down with a cosy read, unless of course you’d like something a little more chilling.
11 Jun 2021
Norma has reclaimed her independence after a glaucoma diagnosis and making the big move to 'a small blip in the middle of the Bass Strait'
10 Jun 2021
Radio volunteer Peter Greco believes everyone has a story to tell, and for the past 29 years he’s been ensuring those stories get told.  
10 Jun 2021
Starting university after a year of pandemic lockdowns is hard enough. For 18-year-old Hajar Bahram, she has managed to juggle the transition with the added difficulty of low vision.