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08 Jul 2021
Carrying a box full of LEGO® kits and a wearing a handmade emoji name tag, LEGO® Master Model Builder Kieran Jiwa was quite the superstar at Vision Australia’s school holiday program.
07 Jul 2021
In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities face vision impairment at three times the rate of non-Indigenous Australians. Yet the wait time for cataract surgery is currently 63 per cent longer. At Vision Australia, we provide services to just over 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members in both metropolitan and regional centres. Although we are thrilled to be able to help every single one of these people, we know that we need to do more.
06 Jul 2021
This week Talking Vision delves into the preparation of the Puppy Games and hears about the importance expert training has on creating a fully-fledged Seeing Eye Dog.
02 Jul 2021
Bill Jolley’s extensive contributions to the global blind and low vision community have been recognised, with him receiving a life membership to the World Blind Union (WBU) at the 2021 World Blindness Summit.
01 Jul 2021
Samuel "Sam" Valavanis' goal is to educate the wider community about living with blindness or low vision, and a Vision Australia Further Education Bursary has him on track to achieving that.
29 Jun 2021
TV personality Vasili Kanidiadis of Vasili’s Garden fame has helped blind and low vision green thumbs after participating in Vision Australia’s Telelink Gardening group.
29 Jun 2021
On this week's Talking Vision Radio show, 19-year-old student Caleb Neyehuis discusses his budding career in cybercrime prevention.
29 Jun 2021
Mick has adapted his hobbies so he can continue them despite losing his eyesight, and he's happier than ever as a result.
28 Jun 2021
As part of Vision Australia Radio’s month long Radiothon, the doors were thrown open at the Kooyong studios to welcome students from the skills building program RadioVoice.
28 Jun 2021
Steve Obeid was recently on Millionaire Hot Seat and won $50,000, find out more about him and the changes Nine made to make the game accessible for him.