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18 Mar 2021
Vision Australian librarian, Sarah Bloedorn was a recent guest on Talking Vision discussing two trail-blazing librarians whose work was instrumental in braille accessibility and production in Australia, May Harrison and Minnie Crabbe.
15 Mar 2021
Vision Australia is currently seeking expressions of interest for one position on the Client Reference Group for a term of three years.
12 Mar 2021
Vision Australia’s national assistive technology adviser David Woodbridge compiles his top 10 accessible games on the iPhone and iPad.
10 Mar 2021
Help Centre for Eye Research Australia research into ocular gene therapy
10 Mar 2021
Keeping in touch with family and friends is important for everyone and our Vision Store has a range of accessible phone options to help you! Specifically designed for people who are blind or have low vision, the Vision Store stocks a huge range of phones including mobile phones, cordless phones, talking phones, large button phones and more.
09 Mar 2021
The number of participants in Vision Australia's LEAP program has doubled year-over-year, find out what is attracting people to join the program!
04 Mar 2021
When I was younger, if anyone talked about my blindness it was always in relation to whether or not I could move around independently or make tea without spilling it. No one ever talked about what is was like being unable to read the books I wanted to.
04 Mar 2021
Perth kids who are blind or have low vision are set to get their hands on the latest equipment designed to help them learn vital literacy and STEM skills thanks to Vision Australia.
02 Mar 2021
After almost six years Vision Australia Radio’s flagship program Talking Vision is set to have a new voice bringing the latest from the blind and low vision community to listeners.
26 Feb 2021
With more than 82 million household viewers in the first month alone, the Netflix mini-series Bridgerton is making hearts beat faster and spawning plenty of office water cooler conversations (albeit on Zoom) for its ‘love’ scenes on the stairwell.