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Further develop reading and literacy skills, physical coordination, sociability and independence.  

We can offer you the tools, advice and support to create the best environment for your child. Helping them navigate the new world of school and unlock their potential on their terms.

How we work with you

Our team of experts offers a wide range of services, support and products tailored to you and your child’s needs. Working together, we can help you be stronger advocates for your child at school. We'll offer practical solutions to any hurdles and help provide skills to transition to high school.

Our program

Life Ready program is Vision Australia’s program for children and young people aged 0 to 25 with low vision or blindness.

The program works on building confidence, practical skills and independence to see them take on a career participation.

We want it to become their toolkit to tackle life.

  • Starting to teach your child the skills they will need to be independent tomorrow.
  • Helping your child understand sociability, personal space and group play.
  • Tips and tricks on how to build independence through helping out with chores around the home.
  • Building the skills to help your child start to move around your community to give them the confidence to step out into the world.
  • Teaching advocacy and rights early by educating your child how to talk about vision loss and asking for help when they need it.
  • Help to gear families up for success with advice on how to build a team of support around your family and your child.
  • Advice, care and support to get your child ready to move into high school.

  • Conquering important skills like writing, speech and communication.  
  • Developing personal grooming and self care learned in early years, such as cleaning teeth.  
  • Help with building social skills, making friends and feeling part of a community.  
  • Ability to speak with confidence and ask for things that they need to help them learn. 
  • Support with life skills and help with being out and about in the community and the wider world. 
  • Starting to look at passions, interests and career ideas, because it’s never too early to dream.  

How this can help 

We aim to provide children with the support and encouragement for the future they choose. This includes getting the most out of education and the school community.

Helping children move around using a cane or other methods, and equipping them with navigational skills to help them explore everywhere from home, to school, the community and brand new environments. 

How this can help 

Mobility helps lead to inclusivity. If children have the confidence and skills to get around it means they can join in as much as possible. They’ll feel involved playing with friends, participating in activities and sports. It gives you the confidence and reassurance that your child is safe. 

  • Access to technology and training to make the school curriculum accessible. 
  • Support to learn braille and become proficient at using a brailler.  
  • Getting the best out of the library, continue to read and improve literacy skills.
  • Get text books, exams, music sheets and other written material into accessible formats.  
  • Access to individual state-based programs with in-school and at-home support.  
  • The support needed when it comes time to transition to high school. 

How this can help 

Working as a team gives your family the skills to create the best possible future for your child. We can help you become an advocate for your child and help them start to pick up the kinds of real world skills they’ll need beyond their time at school. 

  • Support and access to extracurricular activities like sport, music or accessible games.  
  • Gaining the confidence and social skills to play games and have fun with their peers.  
  • School holiday programs to build skills, confidence and make new friends (location dependant). 

How this can help 

Kids need to be kids! We offer the skills and support to create inclusive environments for children. Helping them play with their friends and develop social skills improves their wellbeing. It enables important connections with people their own age. 

  • Equipping parents with advocacy skills. Ensuring their children are getting the most from the education system and the community. 
  • Support with homework, school assignments and having them help around the home. 
  • Emotional and wellbeing support. Counsellors are available to help you and your child understand and adjust to any challenges you face.   
  • Building family resilience and a community to deal with any hurdles along the way. 

How this can help 

We work with you and your child to help build confidence, resilience and a sense of control. We have experts, services and products to help you work together and live life on your terms. 

Other resources

Alternative format education materials

Cost effective services to provide accessible materials to students who experience print disability, including printing braille children's books. 

The three Bradley boys in their Karate whites

“Our boys are very well supported at school with additional help, as well as the range of assistive technology available to them.”

— Rebecca, parent of Ethan and Samuel, Vision Australia clients

Acceptance for Ethan and Samuel

Real stories

Rebecca’s son Ethan was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism in 2011 when he was 10 weeks old. Two years later, his younger brother Samuel was also diagnosed with albinism. Samuel’s twin, Christian, was not. 

“Within a week of Ethan’s diagnosis we had our visit from Vision Australia for early intervention. This support continued after Samuel’s birth, with the boys receiving a mix of therapies to support their development.” 

“Our boys are very well supported at school with additional help, as well as the range of assistive technology available to them. Hand-held or large desk-top magnifiers, screens that can connect to the whiteboard, iPads with accessible apps and laptops set up for their vision needs, all support Ethan and Samuel to access their schoolwork just about on par with their sighted peers.” 

Read Ethan and Samuel’s story

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Frequently asked questions

The Expanded Core Curriculum is based on nine key areas of learning that children need to develop to ensure they have the foundations for their learning and future independence. Some of those key areas include independent living skills, social interaction, orientation and mobility, recreation/leisure skills and career education. 

Vision Australia offers a wide choice in how services are delivered. Services can be delivered as individual sessions or group sessions, face-to-face in your home or community or at your nearest Vision Australia office. Services may also be delivered online or via phone.

Services from Vision Australia incur a fee. There are several ways you can fund services, supports and products for your child. Vision Australia can support you every step of the way with your child's funding application. Speak with us on 1300 84 74 66 to find out more.