Navigating the benefits system

The benefits system, such as Centrelink and Department of Human Services, can be complicated, so Vision Australia has created three resources to assist people with blindness or low vision understand and advocate for their rights in the benefits system.

Did you know?


If you meet the requirements of legal blindness, you are considered ‘manifestly eligible’ for either the Disability Support Pension (Blind) or the Age Pension (Blind).

If you are asked to undergo additional assessments, or undertake employment related activities that you don’t think you are required to do, request that they confirm the obligations under manifest eligibility.

Want to know more?

The following resources are available: 

  1. A Guide to the Disability Support Pension (Blind) – this gathers all the relevant information on the DSP (Blind) and how to overcome problems when applying for it.
  2. A Guide to the Age Pension (Blind) – offering an overview of the Age Pension (Blind).
  3. A Guide to Transitioning to the Age Pension (Blind)- many people on the DSP (Blind) are concerned at the lack of information available when they reach the retirement age, or if they are asked by Centrelink to change to the Age Pension (Blind). This guide includes the information they should consider when deciding if they want to transfer to the Age Pension (Blind).

How do I get a copy?

Send an email to Vision Australia's advocacy team at or call 1300 84 74 66 and ask to speak with an Advocacy Advisor.