Cassie can be confident because of people like you


Nine-year-old Cassie is achieving many wonderful things at school. Her mum, Ellie, couldn’t be prouder of her little girl: ‘She’s very determined. Whatever she puts her mind to, she achieves it.’ 

When a baby of just two months, Cassie was diagnosed with congenital nystagmus and congenital cataracts. 

This means Cassie has a lot of difficulties seeing things in the distance. She also struggles with objects that are close, like standard sized print, which makes reading very challenging. 

And because of her nystagmus, Cassie’s eyes are always moving. 

It wouldn’t be surprising for Cassie to lack confidence, given all she has to face with low vision. Instead, this amazing little girl is embracing so much!

Your incredible kindness has given Cassie access to a team of specialised staff at Vision Australia who have been helping her from the moment she was diagnosed. 

From developing her coordination and muscle strength as a baby to keeping up with her school work, every step of Cassie’s development and learning has been a challenge. But, through Vision Australia’s specialised support, she’s gained the confidence to tackle and overcome, each one.

Because of her low vision, Cassie will need support for the rest of her life. 

As a baby, Cassie had to wear contact lenses which were so difficult for her parents to keep in place. They also made her eyes sore. 

Thankfully, when she was seven, Cassie had intraocular surgery to implant permanent lenses, but there have been plenty of adjustments she’s had to make.

Ellie, is very thankful for the support from Melissa, Cassie’s Occupational Therapist from Vision Australia.

From teaching Cassie to take photos on her iPad so she can zoom in, to providing her with a strong hand-held magnifying glass to help her read paper lesson-notes, Melissa is making sure Cassie has support at home, and at school. 

Melissa works closely with Cassie’s teachers, and they’ve installed a special keyboard for the school computer room that allows Cassie to see all the letters. New computer software will make reading a lot easier at home, too.

But, Melissa knows the challenges ahead will only increase: ‘Cassie will continue to find it difficult to keep up with her peers in the classroom, especially when she begins the transition to high school where the learning is much more fast-paced.’

These are things that prove to be a struggle for kids like Cassie who are blind or have low vision.

 Your kindness will ensure that Cassie has the tools to connect with specialised support. By donating today, you will give Cassie, and more kids just like her who are on their own unique journey, the chance to feel a sense of real belonging.