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09 Sep 2021
Triathlete Katie Kelly says the Tokyo games "took everything out of me”.
09 Sep 2021
For blind and low vision users, a smart watch like the Apple Watch is a handy gadget for the accessibility toolbox. 
07 Sep 2021
Sydney man Conor Smith is no stranger to the sound of a job interviewer’s voice changing the second he tells them he is legally blind. From feeling like a cost or a problem to a workplace to being asked if he thinks he can even do a job – Conor has spent more time searching for jobs in his life than working. But he is not alone – thousands of blind or low vision Australians are facing discrimination and ignorance every single day in a job market that does not favour them simply down to their disability.
01 Sep 2021
Our blind tech gurus David Woodbridge and Stephen Jolley are here to get you off the couch with the best fitness tech and apps.
01 Sep 2021
Paralympics Australia’s Scott Nicholas says it has been a tough lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.
31 Aug 2021
At the Paralympics, there are three broad areas of classification with many subcategories within each broad area. Vision Australia orthoptist Cem Oztan has been involved in sports classification for athletes who are blind or have low vision for more than 10 years.
27 Aug 2021
Maybe a book won’t cure all your ills but, as any book worm knows, during the hard times reading can provide a great escape, especially if it’s packed with laughs. Whether it be a spotty angst-ridden teenage boy, a lonely thirty something ‘singleton’, or something nasty in the woodshed, the Vision Australia Library might just have the book to lift your spirits and show you the lighter side of life.
26 Aug 2021
In this week’s podcast Talking Vision, host Sam Colley speaks with Wayne Hawkins from the Accessible Telecoms project.
26 Aug 2021
Talking Tech hosts Stephen Jolley and David Woodbridge talk mindfulness and relaxation apps from a blindness and low vision perspective.
24 Aug 2021
QR codes have become part of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic, with their use becoming mandatory to enter many businesses, public places and other locations. While QR codes are a convenient way for businesses and others to obtain information, they can be challenging for people who are blind or have low vision.