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31 Mar 2022
This week on Vision Australia Radio’s Talking Vision, host and football fanatic Sam Colley speaks to two St Kilda Football Club Blind AFL players, Shannon Jones and Ingrid McKenna.
30 Mar 2022
Vision Australia's Digital Access Team has released their 2022 July to December training schedule!
25 Mar 2022
Vision Australia is excited to provide clients and customers with an enhanced retail experience, after unveiling upgraded Vision Stores at Parramatta and Coorparoo.
23 Mar 2022
Dr Wanda Diaz-Merced is measuring patterns of gravitational waves in space though the medium of audio.
23 Mar 2022
Head of ophthalmology at Flinders University, Professor Jamie Craig, says genetic marker testing is identifying people at higher risk of glaucoma.
18 Mar 2022
Blind and low vision voters will be denied the ability to vote independently, secretly and verifiably at the 2023 state election unless the NSW Government takes urgent action.
17 Mar 2022
Blind and severely deaf, Tony Giles has been to all seven contitents and over 129 countries.
10 Mar 2022
Student Ambrose Bub has returned to university after losing the majority of his sight with the help of the Vision Australia Bursary.
09 Mar 2022
UK-based Lucy Edwards lost her vision when she was 17 years old and has amassed a huge following on Tik Tok and Youtube.
09 Mar 2022
Australian brewers Akasha and Reckless Brewing Co. have launched a new accessible beer can for their next craft beer, Nas XPA, named after ABC disability journalist Nas Campanella.