Bursary supports Oscar to follow his heart

20 March 2020

Oscar Wilkinson knows the career path he wants to follow, and thanks to a Vision Australia Further Education Bursary, he’s on the way to achieving that.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Human Services at Christian Heritage College in Queensland, Oscar wants to go on to a career where he can help those in need. He is 20 years old and in his third and final year of study.

Oscar lives with low vision as due to damage to his optic nerve and needs some supports to complete his studies alongside his sighted peers. He decided to apply for the bursary program.

Through the bursary, Oscar received a iPad Pro and an iPhone, both of which will help him access course materials.

“I need some assistance with upgrading my technology,” Oscar said.

“The technology will make it easy to access e-books and will help with the manipulation of documents,” he said.

While students who are blind or have low vision can often face barriers to study, Oscar said supports, like the bursary, are available and encouraged people to explore all options.

“Seek help, because it’s out there.”

While his bursary is set to help him in his current studies, it’s also likely to help Oscar further in his career path.

“Long term career goals are definitely to continue on to post-grad study and then to work as a Chaplin in a primary school,” he said.

Vision Australia has awarded bursaries to more than 400 students who are blind or have low vision over a period of almost 25 years. Find out more about Vision Australia's Further Education Bursary program here.