Talking Vision: Employment and Education

14 September 2018

This week’s Talking Vision takes an employment and education focus, with an interview with well-known media identity from the blind and low vision community and the latest on the Vision Australia Further Education Bursaries.

This week’s program features a replay of an interview with ABC Radio newsreader Nas Campanella who is blind. The replay comes about after VA Access Technology Specialist Cecilia Rumore entered a film festival with a short animated film, “Through the Window”, that tells Nas’ story.

“It was my idea… to use animation to depict the world of blindness that Nas was in. I thought it was appropriate because with animation it allows you to be a bit more creative and abstract,” Cecilia said.

“I met Nas through working in the area of vision and she was mentoring one of my clients at the time and we just struck up a friendship. I’ve loved working with Nas and becoming her friend as well, she’s a pretty incredible person,” she said.

“She’s a great advocate for people with vision loss and never lets anything get in her way.”

You can watch “Through the Window” here.

VA Employment Service Coordinator Joy King also joined the program to discuss the Vision Australia Further Education Bursary program, which applications are now open for.

“The bursary program is for people who are blind or have low vision and are interested in or already enrolled in tertiary education

 “The bursary provides [assistive technology] and all of the training for the person ton be able to use that training effectively [in their studies].

You can listen to the latest Talking Vision here or on the player below: