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The 2018 Victorian Election will be held on Saturday 24th November. With nearly 100,000 Victorians who are blind or have low vision, together, our voice is strong.

Leading up to Election Day, we’re urging the major parties and candidates to commit to improving employment opportunities, the NDIS and travel experiences. 

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While we're advocating for decision makers to prioritise all our priorities, our research shows that having access to more jobs is most important to people who are blind or have low vision.

Help us campaign for more job opportunities

You have the power to share your voice on any issues that matter to you. If that includes employment, you may find our advocacy resources and advice helpful.

Our stories

Profile photo of Karen

Karen's story

If you’ve ever doubted your capacity to lead a successful career, Karen’s story is for you.

Read more about Karen.

Hamish is sitting on a chair alongside his Seeing Eye Dog

Hamish's story

Being part of social change to enhance the lives of people with disability across the globe wasn’t originally part of Hamish Mackenzie’s career aspirations.

Read more about Hamish.

Profile photo of Marisa smiling outside standing in front of a plant

Marisa's story

After more than two decades behind a desk at a law firm, Marisa was ready for a career change. For most people, changing careers is normal. But for people who are blind or has low vision, it’s a bold decision.

Read more about Marisa.

Portrait photo of Lindsay

Lindsay's story

“Employers need to acknowledge that if a person with a disability has reached the interview stage, the odds are that he or she will work harder than the person without a disability..." Read more about Lindsay.

Di is kneeling alongside her dog guide, and the dog is resting his paw on her arm

Di's story

“What drives me is the fight for fairness. It sounds altruistic but it fills me with energy. I teach students about how they can take a leading role in community development and be part of meaningful social and economic change,” Read more about Di.

Kenny's profile photo Annette is sitting alongside her dog guide

Kenny's story

“I had to be extraordinary at whatever I chose to do. I always put in 150% into my work because I had too much to lose,” Read more about Kenny.

Annette's story

One of the best decisions Annette ever made was refusing to listen to the people who dismissed her dream of being a professional artist. Read more about Annette.

Neshilan at her desk using screen magnification software Paul and his boss standing in front of workplace reception desk

Neshilan's story

"Trying to convince potential employers how I planned to do the role irrespective of my blindness was always challenging..." Read more about Neshilan.

Paul's story

“In the beginning, there was a lot of push back from parts of the business about keeping me on. I had to deal with a lot of ignorance. They were stressed about whether I’d be the same person they worked with for 12 years,” Read more about Paul.