Lodge tertiary education materials

Here at Vision Australia, we understand that every individual is unique, so we have created a cost effective services to provide accessible materials to students who experience print disability. Our services convert text into an alternate format that is easier to navigate and tailored to each individual’s preferences.


Vision Australia's Print Accessibility service offers:

Braille business cards

Many organisations now include braille on their business cards to show they are conscious of the need to be inclusive of people who are blind or have low vision. This service is used regularly, particularly by all levels of government and by organisations dealing with people with disabilities.

Inclusive communication strategies

In all areas of life, Australians make important decisions based on the information available to them. However many Australians will face challenges with inaccessible print information. In order for your business to reach the widest audience your communication strategy needs to be inclusive and accessible.

Vision Australia can help you develop a communication strategy that integrates accessibility to deliver a superior result on campaigns and projects.