Print Accessibility

Who we are

Welcome to the print accessibility service at Vision Australia.  More than 18% of adult Australians experience a print disability, making it difficult for them to access standard printed material.  These people may require audio, braille, large print or electronic text in order to access your information.

Our skilled consultants and production teams work daily with all levels of government and many others to devise strategies and deliver information in accessible formats for people a print disability.

What we do

Vision Australia is the recognised national expert in assisting information providers to communicate effectively with people with a print disability. We advise on strategy, convert standard printed materials to accessible formats, promote the availability of information and assist with distribution strategy.  We provide a streamlined end to end service for information providers.

How can we help you?

We are passionate about equal access to information and services for all Australians.  We assist all levels of government, banks, utilities, retailers, educational institutions, community groups and other information providers to communicate effectively with people with print disability.  We work in conjunction with our online accessibility team to make information accessible at all levels and on all platforms.


Contact us

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