Applications for LEAP 2023 are now open! 

We know it’s important that you know your child is supported in the way they need.

Fill in these few questions for LEAP Team to contact you and discuss how LEAP program can help your child achieve their goals.

Curious? Take the LEAP.

6 b. Or select from the following options:


All young people applying to participate in LEAP 2023 are required to complete a "LEAP-Mini" session.

A LEAP-Mini session is a short, 30-minute, ‘taster’ session conducted on Zoom. The LEAP-Mini is designed to simulate a typical session in the LEAP program.

The LEAP-Mini is an opportunity for your child to try out the program free of charge to decide if LEAP is a good fit for their goals and interests. It is also an opportunity for LEAP to determine if your child has the skills they need to participate in the LEAP program in 2023.

LEAP program is exciting, it is rewarding, it is challenging.

We want your child to be prepared for the amazing LEAP challenge.

Question 7: Do you want to apply for LEAP 2023 now, or, do you want to find out more before making your decision?
Question 9: Does your child have health conditions or learning difficulties that would require additional support during the LEAP program?

We want your child to thrive in the LEAP program.

Understanding how your child’s health condition or learning difficulty affects them helps LEAP understand how we can best support your child in the LEAP program.

9 (b) Does your child’s health condition or learning difficulty affect your child’s ability to participate in the following (please tick as many as apply):