Helping my child live the life they choose

Mother guiding her son who has low vision at a bus interchange

As a parent or a carer of someone who is blind or who has low vision, we may often face obstacles and frustrations. You may feel that you are navigating through this space on your own and sometimes you look for advice that may help to support and shape your thinking.

Vision Australia broadcasted a Facebook Live session in August 2019 with panellists including Natalie Kaine, Vision Australia Occupational Therapist, Melissa Fanshawe, who represents parents within Vision Australia’s Client Reference Group, and John Clower, who works at Vision Australia as a Technology Specialist.

Together they answer common questions and share their experiences that may provide a pathway for parents who are hoping to help their young kids realise independence and resilience.

What can you do?

  1. Vision Australia staff are qualified practitioners who can help you with ideas that may address specific needs and goals of your child. You can see options on how you can connect with us through our webpage or by calling 1300 84 74 66.
  2. Students who are blind or have low vision may need to develop an array of disability-specific skills in order to fully access and engage with the school curriculum. These additional skills are known as the Expanded Core Curriculum. The Expanded Core Curriculum recognises that students with low vision may encounter barriers to learning, such as information that is only presented in a visual way. To address this, the Expanded Core Curriculum provides for the teaching of a range of skills and knowledge to enable students to work around such barriers.  You can find more information about Expanded Core Curriculum at the Australian Statewide Vision Resource Centre website.
  3. is an American website that has useful links and information for parents who may be raising children who are blind or who have low vision. You can visit their website to check out the resources on offer. Other external resources include Brailleworks and FamilyConnect.