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Hi! So you’d like to learn more? We’d be glad to help!

Whether you’re at the very start of your journey or you’d like to learn the latest in assistive technology, Vision Australia can help life run smoother with products and services selected for your goals.

Learn tips and strategies you can use around the home. Great for organising things like cupboards and wardrobes, or helping you complete the chores. We also offer handy products like magnifiers, large print calendars and large button phones.

Everything you need to conquer the everyday!

At Vision Australia, we understand that support and encouragement goes both ways, and that giving back to your community and your loved ones is just as rewarding as receiving support.

That’s why we’re committed to creating opportunities for everyone to get involved.

You can discover forums and groups online, full of people with great tips and advice. Get help in the kitchen with products like talking scales and microwaves, perfect to help you serve up some of your favourite dishes. Stay up to date with current affairs by accessing your local daily newspaper, or the latest audio book through the Vision Australia Library. 

Your community is important, but if you want to explore the wider possibilities of your independence – Vision Australia can help with that too.

What does your future hold? If living independently is your focus, we can help you learn to navigate your community, your city or the rest of the world! And you don’t have to use technology all the time – you could consider a Seeing Eye Dog, or a white cane if you prefer cats...

We can help you achieve your passions and your lifelong goals – whether they be relaxing pastimes such as knitting sweaters for the grandkids, or more energetic pursuits like getting out and about exercising or playing sport.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities? 

Get in touch, tell us about yourself and find out how Vision Australia can help you live life on your terms.

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