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Vision Australia has today confirmed the decision to close its supported employment enterprises, Vision Australia Enterprises (VAE).

The announcement follows a six week consultation period with VAE staff, their families and unions.

Vision Australia’s CEO Ron Hooton said the organisation has listened to the concerns of VAE staff and their families. 

“The consultation captured the level of concern people have about the closure of VAE. We have always known that this decision would be very difficult because of the impact it could have.”

“We acknowledge the effort that people went to, to tell us their story and individual circumstances. Vision Australia is doing everything it can to support them,” he said. 

Vision Australia is retaining its internal work, and investing in an 18-month open employment training program, which means 20 paid positions will be available within Vision Australia.

The organisation will also provide career counselling, job search assistance, links to community activities, and counselling services. Vision Australia is also working with Government departments to link staff with appropriate supports.

“We will be making every effort to work with each individual to assist them to find the appropriate opportunity or activity for them,” Mr Hooton said. 

The closure of VAE affects a total of 71 staff across two warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane, this also includes three staff who provide braille library services in Sydney.

No other Vision Australia offices are affected.

Vision Australia Enterprises won’t close until March 2014.

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