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Living with blindness or low vision is no barrier to enjoying and participating in the world of art, as an upcoming exhibition will show.

Organised by Vision Australia, the Artistic Vision Exhibition is an interactive exhibition that features works of art by people who are blind or have low vision.

Now in its second year, Vision Australia Brisbane South & North Coast Regional Business Manager Sonia Herbert said the Artistic Vision Exhibition is an important opportunity to highlight that people with vision loss share similar interests to the wider community.  

“The exhibition is an important opportunity for our community to show off their work, but it’s also an opportunity for us to connect people who are sighted with the blindness and low vision community,” Mrs Herbert.

“Often art and other similar recreational pursuits are considered off limits to people with vision loss and this a great chance to correct that and show that people who are blind or have low vision are able to participate in all sorts of things,” she said.

While the exhibition showcases works of artists who are blind or have low vision, Mrs Herbert said it’s also an example of how similar events can be made more accessible and inclusive.

“The reality of vision loss means that our community can face challenges in accessing art, but with some considerations they can be overcome.

“Things like providing descriptions in braille or other accessible formats such as large print or audio aren’t difficult and can make a significant difference in creating an inclusive environment that everybody can enjoy.

“Tactile installations are another way that people who are blind or have low vision can use their other senses and have a similar experience to their sighted counterparts.”

Along with showcasing the talents of exhibitors, Mrs Herbert said the exhibition is an opportunity for people to connect with Vision Australia in a relaxed and supportive environment.

“Coming to terms with vision loss can be a challenge for people and they can often put off seeking support and try to continue as if nothing has changed.

“The exhibition is a chance to show that blindness or low vision doesn’t mean people can no longer do the things they enjoy and it gives people a concerned about a change in their vision an opportunity to find out a little about the support Vision Australia can provide.”

The Artistic Vision Exhibition will be held on Friday, August 3 at Vision Australia’s Maroochydore office at 19 George St, Maroochydore office. Call (07) 5409 2200 or email [email protected] for more details.