Let’s Talk About Vision Loss. Real stories.

Let's Talk About Vision Loss features eight people who share their very personal stories of blindness or low vision to help others facing similar experiences.

You'll discover their emotional experiences of vision loss, impact on their relationships, plus the emotional, financial and practical services that led them to regain hope and independence.


Meet Paul: still building hot rods and BBQing

“I was sitting in my office and my right retina detached. It was like someone pulled a blind across my eye.” Listen to Paul’ story of living with vision loss.



Meet Brittnee: business owner and optimist

An up-and-coming hairdresser, Brittnee was looking forward to a long and successful career when she lost her vision. Find out which service helped change her life around.


Meet Ben: science whizz and uni student

“When I started losing my vision as a kid, it was just when I was getting into reading books.” Listen to Ben’s journey of living with a vision condition from a young age.


Meet Deena: government advisor and mother

Deena was born blind. She shares her thoughts on parenting and what’s helped her live independently.


Meet Cheryl: artist and traveller

“The doctor told me that I should prepare for what would be significant vision impairment by the time I was 70,” said Cheryl. There’s more to Cheryl’s story. Listen to find out what she did next.


Meet Tony: celebrity chef and teacher

When Tony lost his vision, cooking was virtually impossible. When he was ready, the 61-year-old accessed key services that helped him rebuild his confidence in the kitchen.


Meet Brenda: pianist and volunteer

Brenda is something else. The 91 year old has come far since losing her vision, which at the time, seemed devastating. This is her story.


Meet Amy: mother and advocate

When Amy’s son Parker was just four months old, he was diagnosed with an eye condition. Find out how this young family has adjusted to this life changing news.


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