Family, Friends, and Carers

There are a number of resources available for family, friends and carers of people with vision loss.

Finding out a person you love has a visual impairment can be as overwhelming and distressing for partners, family and friends as it is for the patient.

After the initial shock of “why her?” you will probably then wonder “what can I do?”

There is in fact quite a lot that you can do to help, but first you need to deal with your own feelings. It helps if you know the facts. These pages are a good place to start with lots of information about many different topics, plus links to other sites that may be of use.

It is important to know that you can’t assume your loved one will take in or understand everything her medical support team tells her as she is under significant stress. Therefore it’s a good idea to go to meetings and appointments with her and run through everything that was said again afterwards.