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Hugo was just a few weeks old when his mum, Katie, felt something was wrong.

‘I was worried because he wasn’t looking at me or smiling,’ she explains. ‘Then I noticed his eyes were flickering.’

Hugo had passed his initial sight test as a new born in hospital, so Katie and her husband Andrew were shocked when their little son was diagnosed with nystagmus.

‘We were completely unprepared,’ says Katie. ‘We started worrying about every aspect of Hugo’s future.’

We need your help to partner with parents from day one to enable their child develop key skills for life—from walking to talking.

Katie calls Cathryn, the Vision Australia orientation & mobility specialist who works with Hugo, a ‘lifesaver'.

That’s because she’s there at every stage to help Hugo hit the next milestone.

Now age four, he goes to day care four days a week. He loves dance and music. He’s a happy, bright little boy who’s eager to learn.

But he’s at a critical stage. Soon Hugo will start school and he needs to be ready—with the confidence to explore new places and make new friends.

Description Journey 2

Please will you send a gift today to help ensure a child like Hugo, who is blind or has low vision, doesn’t fall behind?


With your help, we can continue to provide more children like Hugo with the one-to-one support they need to progress.




Hugo sits with his mum Katie, reading books from Vision Australia's Feelix library

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Hugo prepares to slide down the slide, holding his white cane, and his mum is by his side
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"Would Hugo have friends? Would he be able to go to school and get a job?" worried Katie
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Hugo smiling sitting next to Cathryn, Vision Australia's orientation and mobility specialist
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"Cathryn is a lifesaver, without her help, Hugo could not have kept up with children his age" Katie