Hazel was diagnosed with Albinism and Nystagmus

Caitlin couldn’t wait to hold her newborn baby girl in her arms. But when she saw Hazel’s dazzling white hair, she had so many questions running through her head.


‘I knew straight away she had albinism,’ says Caitlin. ‘I couldn’t stop thinking, “Will she be okay? Will her sight be affected? Will she have a happy and independent life?”’


No family should be left to struggle alone when their child is diagnosed with blindness or low vision.

Hazel was only a few weeks old when we started working with her family. From her first steps to her first pair of glasses, we’ve helped this sassy, unstoppable girl achieve her milestones.

Today, Hazel is a happy, active three-year-old who dreams of being a doctor. But there’s a long way to go. That’s why we’ve just given Hazel a cane, which she calls her magical rainbow stick. She’s going to start learning to use it to explore new places and find her path.


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