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Come along an employment journey as we provide a platform to blind and low vision job seekers, those who have found meaningful employment and industry recruiters who recognize the strengths of blind and low vision candidates who share their own perspectives.

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An employment series produced by Vision Australia Radio. Hosted and produced by Vision Australia’s Belinda Wilson, with production support by Shane Kendal and under the coordination of Vision Australia Radio’s Jason Gipps.

Introducing 'The Career Path'

In this podcast, Vision Australia Radio presenter Peter Greco speaks to Vision Australia Project Officer, Belinda Wilson to learn more about this new and exciting podcast series.

Episode 1: Michael Linke

Michael shares his experience as a manager and CEO

Flying high: Managing and being managed as a vision impaired person.

Michael Linke talks about his challenges entering the workforce as a vision impaired accountant, to becoming a CEO of RSPCA and an airline.

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Episode 2: Nick Hatzoglou

Diversity and Inclusion Manager of Football Victoria

Who doesn’t love footy?

Nick Hatzoglou talks sport, the importance of inclusion in football, working with and supporting a blind employee.

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Football Victoria website

Episode 3: Katie Kelly, OAM

Ambassador, Advocate, and two-time Paralympian

Going for Gold!

Katie Kelly (OAM, Ambassador, Advocate, and two time Paralympian), talks about her incredible athletic accomplishments, her creation of a charity, and her work in the area of inclusion.

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Katie Kelly's website

Episode 4: Ian Edwards and Anushka Singh

'The Blind Chef' Ian Edwards and legally blind jobseeker Anushka Singh

Good Food and Great Expectations

In this episode, we have two guests for the price of one! Anushka Bindra shares her job seeking goal, and Ian Edwards tells us about the creation of the Blind Chef restaurant.

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The "Blind Chef" Ian Edwards' website

Episode 5: Shane Kendall

Audio Engineer and Music Producer

It’s the remix! Conversation with an Audio Engineer

Shane Kendall talks about his work as an audio engineer, his education, challenges, and current projects.

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Episode 6: Ollie Fanshawe and his mum Melissa

14 year old employee Ollie Fanshawe and his mum Melissa

The Story of the Mum, the Son, and the IGA

Ollie Fanshawe talks about finding his first job at the age of 14. His mother, Melissa speaks about being a parent and gives some advice to parents whose children want to seek employment.

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Read about Ollie who recently became Vision Australia’s youngest ever Seeing Eye Dog handler.

Episode 7: Ken Brandt

Speaker and author of Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight

The Journey from hanging out a window to climbing up the ranks

Author Ken Brandt regales us with his tales of his early work days in New York City, to a career in cybersecurity, before writing a book about living with low vision.

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Ken's website

Episode 8: Isabella Allen

Project Support Officer at Queensland Health

Crime and Research: The Isabella Allen Story

Isabella Allen, Project Support Officer at Queensland Health talks about her degree in Criminology and her current work as a Project Support Officer, including her work adjustments and working with a dog guide.

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Episode 9: Sharon Carrol

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner at Australia Post

Diversity, Inclusion and Envelopes, Oh my!

Sharon Carrol speaks about the importance of inclusion in employment and in design, as she discussed her role at Australia Post and her passion for equality.

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Check out the latest Australia Post job listings.

Episode 10: Nas Campanella

ABC's disability affairs reporter

The Notorious Nas: Interviewing the Interviewer

Nas Campanella is famous for her work on the radio and also as ABC’s disability affairs reporter. This time, we turn the table and interview Nas about her work, the importance of technology, and the lessons she has learned along the way.

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Check out the latest in Nas Campanella’s work.

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