Talking Tech update: David Woodbridge’s top gadgets of the year (so far)

16 September 2021

From a tiny GPS that helps you find your dog guide when they’re in the backyard or to headphones that use your cheekbone to transmit music.

Vision Australia’s blind tech guru, David Woodbridge has trialled a lot of tech this year.

David has detailed his favourite pieces of technology he’s got his hands on so far this year in the latest Talking Tech podcast.

Hear his review from (10:30minutes):

David Woodbridge’s top tech for 2021 (so far)

  1. AfterShokz Opencomm
    Nifty headphones don’t go in your ears, but rather they use your cheekbone to transmit sound.

  2. Vursa Slate
    Paperless braille slate which refreshes easily.

  3. Apple AirTags
    David uses it to track his dog guide when she has snuck out into the backyard for a snooze. 

  4. Zoom Podtrak P4
    A mixer you can plug into your Mac or iPhone to better record your audio.
    David uses it daily for his podcast and audio review recordings.

  5. Apple portable fold up Duo Charger for iPhone and Apple Watch
    David said it works “really nicely”. He has his duo charger on top of his coffee machine. Recharging in multiple ways.

  6. MagSafe Battery Charger
    Perfect for when you use battery heavy apps like GPS.

  7. Magic Keyboard with Touch ID
    David said it makes using a laptop as easy as using a smartphone.

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