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A diversified workforce makes sense and is a good business decision. Hiring a person who is blind or has low vision can drive business growth, productivity and nurture a positive work culture.

Vision Australia is the specialist in recruiting, training and placing people who are blind or have low vision. We have candidates with qualifications and experience in a wide range of roles and industries including:

  • Information and technology
  • Management
  • Retail
  • Health and community services
  • Trades
  • Cultural roles
  • Education and
  • Hospitality

Organisations that have partnered with us and currently employ our candidates include Australia Post, Public Transport Victoria, ANZ, Brisbane City Council, Melbourne Water, Monash University and AMP.

How we can help your business

  • Help your new employee source government funding to buy the technology and equipment they need, so there is no cost to you
  • Workplace improvements and tailored solutions that benefit you and your new employee
  • Provide assistance to a current staff member experiencing vision loss, including an individualised workplace assessments so they can successfully continue in their position.
  • Provide information and training to co-workers in relation to the practicalities of working with a person who is blind or has low vision.

Find out more about how equipment and technology are funded through government funding, Job Access, and support making workplaces more inclusive for people with a disability, such as blindness or low vision.

Bashir, a Vision Australia Orientation & Mobility specialist explains how he supports people who are blind or have low vision to feel safe and confident in the workplace.

Get in touch

To learn more about Vision Australia’s employment services, contact us on 1300 84 74 66 or at [email protected]

Vision Australia offers employment services in:

  • Queensland: Robina, Brisbane
  • New South Wales: Parramatta, Ashfield, Caringbah
  • Victoria: Kensington, Geelong, Dandenong
  • Western Australia: Perth
  • Australian Capital Territory: Canberra

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Helpful resources

Find easy tips to make your business more inclusive to customers who are blind or have low vision.