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Vision Australia has taken another significant step in its work to support and connect with First Nations Peoples with the endorsement of its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The Innovate RAP earned endorsement from Reconciliation Australia in October 2023 and sets out the steps Vision Australia will take in working with First Nations Peoples through to mid-2025.

Ron Hooton, Vision Australia CEO, said the endorsement of the Innovate RAP forms part of the organisation's ongoing reconciliation actions.

"We've long been committed to supporting First Nations communities, but this was reinvigorated through the adoption of our Reflect RAP in 2021," Ron said.

"We're extremely proud to be progressing to our Innovate RAP and it shows the enthusiasm and commitment that our entire organisation has shown to our reconciliation journey. This is an important step that will help ensure Vision Australia is not only meeting the needs of our clients from First Nations communities, but it is also a culturally safe and respectful organisation for our workforce, suppliers, supporters, and other partners," he said.

While Vision Australia's RAP extends beyond service provision for First Nations communities, Ron said the process had been key in the organisation improving in that area.

"Improving the services we provide to First Nations communities, particularly those in remote locations has been a key priority of ours for in recent years. We have established a successful presence in Alice Springs through embedding staff in the area and building relationships with local organisations and people.

"Having our RAP progressing at the same time as establishing this model has helped us show the Alice Springs community that our commitment is genuine, and the success of that pilot has led us to establishing a similar presence in Broome in Western Australia."

You can learn more about Vision Australia's Innovate RAP and commitment to supporting First Nations Peoples via our website.