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Heading into her final year of high-school, Rosie wanted help to not only navigate her future career options, but also in the immediate to seek part-time work.

She decided to sign up to Vision Australia’s 10-month extra curriculum youth program LEAP. Designed specifically for teenagers, aged 14 to 18, the program is a fun and inspiring experience to build self-confidence and skills for future employment.

Practical skills include letter and resume writing, alongside attending an actual job interview – albeit a mock one.

“While the interview was challenging, pushing me out of my comfort zone, the LEAP team who run the program, were very supportive and kind," Rosie said.

"I didn’t know anything about applying for a job when I first started LEAP. It’s been fantastic to not only learn how to do all of this but to do it in a safe environment.

"What we learnt is pitched for people my age and younger, so every session is flexible and comfortable. I’ve loved meeting everyone and will be keeping in touch with the news friends I’ve made."

Listen to the full conversation with Rosie on the player below

Expressions of interest are now open for LEAP 2024. For further information head to our website here or email Program Coordinator Belinda Wilson [email protected]