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Vision Australia has recently been made aware that Disability Support Pension (DSP) customers may have received correspondence from Centrelink regarding employment income details.

Following discussions with Centrelink on behalf the blind and low vision community, Vision Australia's Advocacy team has been advised there has been no change in the reporting requirements for DSP blind customers.

DSP blind customers remain exempt from having to provide report their income, asset or employment details to Centrelink unless they are receiving Rent Assistance or are seeking to receive the higher rate of Mobility Assistance

However, as a result of these discussions, Centrelink has identified that recently two separate letters that were meant to be sent to a broader income support customers were incorrectly sent to DSP blind customers.

The contents of these letters may have detailed the following:

  • A reminder letter about reporting income streams to ensure payments remain correct after a client turns 55 years of age; or
  • A letter that asked for the recipient to report their employment income details each fortnight.

We have worked in collaboration with the Minister of Government services and Centrelink to understand this situation and have been assured by Centrelink that they are taking the necessary steps to address the distribution of these incorrect letters.

Pleasingly, Centrelink customer service staff will also be provided information to best support people who have received this incorrect correspondence.

If you have any queries about these letters, please first contact Centrelink on 132 717, but if you have ongoing issues in resolving any asset or income information requirements with Centrelink, please contact Vision Australia’s advocacy team at [email protected].

More information about accessing the DSP is also available from the Centrelink website.