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Each week, thousands of people grab their copy of the AFL Record to both keep up to date with what's happening on the field and as a part of their game-day experience.

Thanks to Vision Australia Radio's weekly reading broadcast of the magazine, Vision Sports commentator and Bulldogs die-hard, Matt Lee, can be a part of this important tradition. Matt is legally blind, which means he cannot read small print.

"Like so many other people, since I was a kid the Record has been a tradition of going to the footy," Matt said.

"To be able to tune in on Thursday night or download the podcast of the reading is so important for footy fans who might be blind, have low vision or any other a print disability. It's inclusive which is what sport is about: something everyone should be able to enjoy and participate in."

Matt, who is an AFL accredited commentator, relies on the magazine as part of his role, and also makes good use of the online version on his phone which allows him to zoom into the text.

While the Saturday morning Vision Sports show has a primary focus on disability and less mainstream sports, it is committed to a dedicated slot for AFL.

"The radio is a community and a family, we all love the same thing. I'm very fortunate to be able to come on each week and describe what I saw at the game and to give my opinion."

A man sits behind a microphone in a radio studio
Caption: Matt gets behind the mic each week to host Vision Sports.

Watching the game through binoculars

Matt's love of football, the Bulldogs, and his eye condition, were all hereditary so it made sense that his first pair of binoculars came from his grandfather.

"I lost those binoculars and so many since then but it's par for the course. My family weren't going to let low vision stop them from enjoying footy. They understood how to meet the challenges.

"I do get tired holding the binoculars while keeping track of all the elements taking place on field, not to mention sun and glare problems but I've seen amazing games through my binoculars as both a fan and a broadcaster.

"The most exciting thing about broadcasting sport is being able to speak to famous AFL players and other athletes right after they've won. Radio is such a great medium because it's all in the moment. Hopefully it continues for a long time to come."

The Vision Sports Show is broadcast on Saturday morning each week from 10.30am-12.30pm. Head to the Vision Australia Radio website to find out how you can listen in your area.

Vision Australia Radio relies on the support of people like you to help keep it on-air. Support Australia's blind community this Radiothon: www.varadio.org.