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Vision Australia is delighted to introduce the Eone Bradley Watch – an award-winning sleek and stylish timepiece that combines classic design with practical, modern technology.

Developed in collaboration with people who are blind or have low vision, Eone has reinvented the wristwatch so that people with all levels of vision can tell time easily while still enjoying the thrill of wearing a beautiful, uniquely designed accessory.

David Woodbridge, a Bradley wearer himself, appreciates not only the watch’s simple accessibility, but its sleek, good looks.

“Most of the time, products for people who are blind or have low vision are designed for functionality with no nod towards fashion,” David said.

“The Bradley timepiece encompasses not only inclusive design, but is fashionable as well.

“As it says on the box ‘design for you, designed for everyone’.”

In a practical sense, the Bradley allows users to tell the time by touch. Raised hour markers and two magnetised ball bearings, one for the minute and one for the hour, make for simple use, no matter how bright or dark the room you’re in is.

By running a finger over the tactile markers, wearers feel where the ball bearings are located.

If either ball bearing moves out of place, a shake of the wrist will snap them back to the correct locations. Wearers can also easily set the time using a traditional side winder.

"Three people wearing different colours of the Eone watch, two in silver, one in rose gold colour."
The Eone watch is a stylish choice for any occasion. 

Features of the watch include a lightweight titanium face and case, reliable movement, a sleek unibody dial and a smart, durable strap.

The inclusive design enables people who are blind or have low vision to tell the time, maintaining their independence by not needing to rely on others.

The Bradley comes in a range of attractive colours – silver, moss green, rose gold and tan – as an elegant solution for those looking for a clean, minimalist aesthetic to match casual and more formal styles.

The Eone Bradley Watch can be purchased through the Vision Store.

Eone was founded by Hyungsoo Kim. He is a firm believer in the importance of universal design with the goal to co-design innovative products that are accessible and useful to everyone. You can learn more about the story of Eone here.

The Bradley has won renowned design awards, including iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Award, German Design Award, and became a permanent collection at the British Museum in London in 2014.

Be sure to check out our webinar about the Eone Bradley Watch, taking place Wednesday March 1. Register here.