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Vision Australia’s national assistive technology adviser David Woodbridge compiles his top 10 accessible games on the iPhone and iPad.

Sometimes it’s ok to zone out and avoid a few zombies. At least, that’s what Vision Australia’s tech guru David Woodbridge believes.

In the name of research, our national assistive technology adviser has spent hours playing hundreds of accessible games to compile the best iPhone and iPad games for blind and low vision users.

Topping his list is an endless running game called Feer, where you dodge zombies in the pursuit of high scores.

"I reckon in 12 months I’ve played Feer about 2,000 times. God knows how much time I’ve wasted,” David said.

Screenshots of the accessible game Feer

It’s fully accessible with screen readers and Apple’s Voiceover, but is also designed for sighted users too.

In reviewing these games, David has uncovered the importance of zoning out a bit.

I just think sometimes we forget that as blind and low vision people or people with a disability in general that we need to have fun… it’s not all about goal setting, improving yourself, job finding… all that sort of stuff,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s just ok to sit back, waste your time and have fun.”

David Woodbridge’s 10 favourite accessible games from the App Store:

  1. Accessible hangman ($1.99)
  2. Audio Archery (via Audio Game Hub 2) (free)
  3. Blind Cricket (free)
  4. Blindfold games (80+ accessible games) – check out Blindfold dominos, Blindfold sea battles (like battleship) (free)
  5. Choose your face (bit like Deal or no Deal) ($2.99)
  6. Diceworld (6 games - check out: Pig) (free)
  7. Feer (avoid zombies, endless running game) ($3.99)
  8. Frots (multiple text adventures) (free)
  9. RS games (portal type game) (free)
  10. Zany Touch lite (bop it style game) (free)

Hear David’s full review of the games in this Talking Tech episode: (segment begins at 3:28)

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