Current affairs, science and celebrity gossip: New magazines hit the Vision Australia Library 

17 November 2021

We’re thrilled with the arrival of with 24 magazines in the Vision Australia Library catalogue.

With titles covering a wide range of topics including science, journalism, food, fashion, current affairs, art, celebrity and gossip, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Top picks

Dumbo Feather

An Australian quarterly magazine with a mission to inspire hope and change. Dumbo Feather features conversations with artists, writers, lawyers, activists, philosophers, teachers, builders and scientists.

Available in DAISY Text

Science Illustrated

A magazine for the “intellectually curious” who have a passion for science and discovery. Science Illustrated covers nature, technology, space, culture and medicine. Recent reports include snails improving their memory after digesting chocolate, and Synchrotron – Australia’s great ring of light.

Available in DAISY Text


A lifestyle magazine celebrating food, celebrity, style, and arts and culture for people aged 45 and over. Recent articles explore the latest Princess Di bio-pic, safety tips for online shopping and a personal essay on mood enhancing drugs.

Other new titles


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