Information about voting in NSW local government elections

09 July 2021

Local government elections will be held in New South Wales on Saturday, September 4 2021.

Voting is compulsory.

There are a number of voting options, including in-person on election day or early voting at a pre-poll venue. Voters may also be eligible to vote by post or request braille ballot papers.

The Minister for Local Government has stated it is the NSW Government’s intention to include iVote as an additional voting channel at these elections, though this will not be confirmed until closer to the election.

Braille ballot papers

Electors who wish to vote using braille ballot papers should apply now. Applications for braille ballot papers must be made to the NSW Electoral Commission by 6pm on 26 July 2021:

Braille ballot papers can be:

  • posted to an elector’s enrolled address or an alternative address, or
  • delivered to an early voting centre (during pre-poll) or voting centre (on election day) within the elector’s council area, where the elector will complete them in person.

The elector will be asked to include the following information in their application:

  • to make a declaration that they are unable to read an ordinary ballot paper
  • advise how the elector would like to receive their ballot papers from the options above
  • provide the postal address the ballot papers will be sent to (if the postal option is chosen)
  • indicate which pre-poll or polling place the ballot papers should be delivered to (if the in-person option is chosen)
  • provide contact details for the purpose of application updates.

If voting by post, the postal vote certificate must be signed by you and a witness, on or before election day and then returned to the NSW Electoral Commission by 6pm on Friday 17 September 2021.

For further information about the 2021 NSW Local Government elections please visit or call 1300 135 736 option 7.