Vision Australia’s White Cane Day Concert line-up

08 October 2020

Vision Australia’s White Cane Day Concert on October 15 will allow people who are blind or have low vision from across Australia and the globe to celebrate the day.

Broadcast on Vision Australia Radio, from 11am-2pm AEDT, the concert will feature shout outs to listeners from a number of special guests, along with performances from a range of well-known artists from Australia and across the globe.

Check out the full list of performers below!

Vision Australia’s White Cane Day Concert line-up

  • Rachael Leahcar
  • Diane Schurr
  • Raul Midon
  • The Wiggles
  • Rick Price
  • Dean Ray
  • Kodi Lee
  • Andrea Begley
  • Scott MacIntyre
  • Shayy Winn
  • Tate Sheridan
  • Robert Cini
  • Lara Nahkle
  • Connor Wink
  • Ginny Owens
  • Mac Potts
  • Laurie Ruben
  • Caitlin Smith
  • Victoria Oruwari
  • Christina Jones
  • Pete Vance
  • Vernon Barnard
  • Johnny Hiland
  • Rod Clemmons

The Vision Australia White Cane Day Concert will air on October 15 via Vision Australia Radio. Head to to find out how you can listen. Like and follow Vision Australia on Facebook and Twitter to catch video performances on the day and share your experiences.