Libraries encouraged to learn more about audio description

22 September 2020

The Vision Australia Library service is encouraging libraries across Australia to better understand the importance of audio description as part of International Day for Universal Access to Information (September 28).

Audio description is an additional narration that paints an image of transition, movements, gestures, props, settings, costumes and scenery woven between the dialogue and can be applied to all visual mediums, including movies, TV, live performances and online.

The audio description logo
Caption: The audio description logo

Leeanne Surjadi, Vision Australia Library community engagement coordinator, said libraries have an important role to play in supporting people to access audio described material.

“Libraries provide people with more than just books. They allow people to access DVDs, to use computers or the internet to access visual material online and often hold events and productions of their own,” Leeanne said.

“Audio description can enhance all of those things for people who are blind or have low vision and we can help libraries understand how they can increase their audio description offerings," she said.

"That could be by increasing their catalogue of audio described material or even incorporating audio description into their productions and events."

The Vision Australia Library Service has put together an audio description fact sheet, available for download by libraries:

“We hope this can be a handy resource to help libraries across Australia ensure their members who are blind or have low vision have the same access to information and material as the rest of the community,” Leeanne said.

You can learn more about the Vision Australia Library Service online or get in touch via 1300 654 656 or