Dressing for success: Fashion and style tips for people who are blind or have low vision

15 April 2019

Fashion and appearance can play an important part in people's lives.

There are occasions, like job interviews, where a certain standard of dress is expected, while dressing well can also help people develop their self-confidence and ability to express themselves. 

Living with blindness or low vision can present some challenges to this, however they can be overcome.

Check out the video below featuring Vildana, who lives with low vision, and Cathy from boutique clothing store The Ark. Cathy takes Vildana through the basics of how she can develop a wardrobe that is appropriate for work.

“I would suggest you start with black for a work wardrobe just because it’s a great foundation to build from, and you can add lots of colours and styles to the black,” Cathy says.

This video is the first part of our Dressing for Success section on Cornerstone, an online resource that provides expert, practical and simple advice on how people who are blind or have low vision can empower themselves.

You can find rest of the Dressing for Success advice here, or check out the rest of Cornerstone for more great advice that could help you nail a job interview, improve your self-confidence or follow your passion.

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