Global Accessibility Awareness Day

16 May 2018

On the third Thursday in May (17 May 2018) we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), an event designed to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion for people who live with a disability.

Even though digital inclusion doesn’t quite pull on the heart strings like some other human rights campaigns, it’s an issue that affects over one billion people across the globe who live with a disability, as well as plenty more with age-related impairments.

Since the inaugural GAAD seven years ago, it’s great to see more people are talking about accessibility and holding events across the globe to celebrate GAAD. There are a number of different events happening across Australia to celebrate GAAD.

  • Apple is holding accessibility workshop sessions across their stores specifically looking at the accessibility of the iPhone/iPad and laptops. Check out the sessions tab on the Apple Store App for Thursday 17 May 2018 for accessibility session times at your nearest Apple Store;
  • New accessibility player in the Australian and New Zealand market, Aira, are celebrating GAAD by announcing they will provide free use of the service in all US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Ireland and UK airports until 24 May 2018;
  • Microsoft is launching a short film on Thursday that looks at the practical ways to build a more inclusive environment. Check out the trailer now; and
  • All other events happening around the globe to celebrate GAAD can be found here.

Vision Australia has been working hard in the accessibility space for many years as we believe it’s vital to ensure inclusive participation and access to information for all people, no matter their abilities or circumstances.

One of the major projects our Advocacy team has been working on is lobbying the Australian Government to ensure it procures accessible information and communications technology to make public sector workplaces more accessible, with a view to increasing their disability employment rates. You can read more about the progress on this here.

Other ways Vision Australia is encouraging business to consider the accessibility of their digital space is through the Digital Access Team. The team is recognised internationally as an industry leader in the provision of digital accessibility services. More information on digital inclusion, including how it applies in an Australian context, and tools to help you along the way can be accessed here.